About Us

Caring specialists in holistic women’s health at every age, Miskawaan Women’s Health Center uniquely provides full-person wellness care and leading-edge fertility services in one place.

Comfort and Convenience

Miskawaan Women’s Health Center is where attentive Thai service culture meets holistic healthcare and the most advanced fertility care. To make your experience as comfortable as possible, we offer personalized, one-stop treatment packages that include healthcare services along with transportation and accommodation, so that you can travel and stay in a calming, well-appointment environment during extended treatments.

Our People

Miskawaan Women’s Health Center is staffed by a caring team of women’s health doctors, including obstetricians specializing in infertility treatment and medical science professionals dedicated to embryonic growth. We are doctor-led and work closely with every patient to provide honest, informative care that’s personalized to meet your unique health or fertility needs.

Dhibhodee Haruchaiyasak, MD.

An infertility specialist with experience in the fields of fertility treatment, general obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Dhibhodee Haruchaiyasak has consulted on and led over 1,000 IVF cases.